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Protective pads, protective buffers, cuff seals and inserts, flexible sieves and nets - all parts of the equipment made of rubber or plastic can be replaced with more wear-resistant polyurethane products. (more info…)

The wear resistance of polyurethane parts is especially important if the equipment is operated in cold weather and is exposed to chemicals. It is possible to make protective linings and seals within 3-14 days if there is a drawing or the product itself.

Buy membranes of standard diameters for pumps and other equipment right here. If we are talking about a worn-out rubber layer on the shafts for equipment or on special equipment, it is often convenient to order rubberizing of the shafts. We are replacing the rubber layer with more wear-resistant polyurethane. This procedure is called "restoration" of the shafts with polyurethane.

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