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Our equipment & production methods enable to:

Put out small lots & single produce of irregular shape without expensive press tools in brief period.

Produce polyurethane parts by method of gravity casting without high temperatures & increased pressure, which enables to cast electronics (microchip, programming cards), accumulators, pressurize joints. (that is impossible if using thermoplast & rubber vulcanization technologies of production).

Produce polyurethane with different level of solidity & various colors in the same detail.

Reinforce polyurethane with metal or carbon fibers, what enables to plan strength properties (e.g. stretch coefficient in divers directions).

Restore rubber coating of pistons, rollers, bushes & other machinery parts, increasing their durability, endurance, efficacy.

Produce analogues of rubber, plastic & metal parts with upgraded physicochemical properties, steady for hostile environment.

Produce unique details of original shape & color with customer logotype for advertising purpose.

Produce metal turnery (rivets, bushes, spikes).

Produce variety of windshields and other items of impact resistant plastic (differnt sizes, thickness, UV-proof).

Engrave images / text on metal, plastic or wood surface.

Some text some message..