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Polyurethane parts are currently becoming more widely used in all areas of industry, replacing their rubber counterparts. It is especially important to use polyurethane parts in assemblies that are hard to get at, where repair takes a long time and is expensive (silent blocks in truck cabs, compressor bushings, concrete pump pistons, etc.).

In addition to manufacturing needed parts, we frequently restore worn rubber coatings or, more precisely, replace them with polyurethane (various rollers and shafts, especially in the printing industry; forklifts; etc.). Our company has many years of experience doing this, and "fixing” parts with problems takes a few days, whereas replacing parts in their entirety would take much more time and be much more expensive.

We also have the capability of producing copies of rubber/plastic parts that can no longer be obtained because they are only sold with the complete product.

For all these reasons, interest in the speedy production of small lots to special order is growing steadily.

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