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How to find the auto parts?

1. Search for automotive parts using the OEM number — the Original Equipment Manufacturer number.

To find a part using the OEM number, use the search box in the upper left corner of this page.

Please bear in mind that silent blocks produced by the original manufacturer in assembly with a control arm are not assigned their own OEM numbers. For such parts, we use the OEM number of the applicable control arm and add SB (for silent block). Thus, one OEM number may cover 2 or 3 parts, depending on the number of silent blocks in a control arm or hub.

The same thing applies to spring retaining rings, because frequently the retaining rings we manufacture differ from the original design and do not have an OEM number. We use the spring's OEM number for them.

One reason for a failure to find a part may be that the OEM number contains Latin letters, and you searched using a number containing letters of the Russian alphabet, or vice versa. Try switching languages and reenter the number in the search block.

Another possibility is that the OEM number of the part is not in the database, and the part of the size you need has been issued under a different number. You can try to search for a part based on size, or use one of the other methods described below.

2. Search for automotive parts by size.

If you are unable to find an automotive parts using the OEM number, try to find the part you need based on its dimensions.

To do this, select «SEARCH BY SIZE» on the Search menu. There, choose the part category and type and enter the dimensions of your part in the appropriate fields. This page also enables you to view all products of a given category.

ATTENTION: You must complete all fields!

Note: If your search yields no results, there are two possibilities:

  1. There are too many parts matching the dimensions you entered. Try entering more precise dimensions.
  2. Our company does not yet produce the part you are looking for. In that case, we recommend contacting our design department ( to discuss terms for manufacturing a custom-made part.
3. Search for a silent block or bushing using the vehicle's VIN or body number.

You can find your vehicle's body or VIN number on its registration certificate (if the vehicle was produced for the European or American market).

The body number consists of letters and numbers that indicate the body number of the model, followed by the serial number of the specific vehicle.

For many parts, we indicate applicability for makes and specific bodies, as well as the date of manufacture — when a given part was installed on a vehicle having a particular body.

If the body number associated with a part is followed by a number sign, that means the part can be used on all bodies differentiated by a final digit in place of the number sign. For example, part 1-01-007 for a TOYOTA Land Cruiser with body number KZJ7# can be used with body numbers KZJ71, KZJ72, KZJ75... You can find all parts for a given body using the initial characters of the body number, for example by performing a search using KZJ7 without the number sign.

The numbering system of automotive parts produced by Polyurethan LLC.

We assign each part our company produces a stock number based on our own numbering system. The following is a description of the system to help you locate the silent blocks and bushings you need, and it also lets you prefer to the stock number when you call our office.

A part number consists of three groups of numbers. For example 1-06-120, 7-02-960.

The first digit is the number of the group the part belongs to. It refers to the manufacturer's brand:

1 - Toyota;

2 - Nissan;

3 - Mitsubishi; etc.


The second number is the part’s subgroup number.

01 – stabilizer bushing;

02 – stabilizer link bushing;

03 – shock absorber bushing;

05 – boot;

06 – reinforced silent block;

07 – bump stop;

10 – spring bushing;

11 – control arm bushing;

12 – pad;

20, 21 – parts kit.

Let's take a closer look at subgroup 20, 21.

Kits of parts are sold only as shown on the website. Kit prices include the cost of all parts in the kit. Kits usually include all of the parts that must be replaced at the same time during a given repair. They include kits for the steering rack, the transverse rod (Panhard rod) and other control arms on a vehicle.

We always recommend replacing stabilizer bushings in pairs; however, they can be purchased separately. We also recommend to replace all paired parts (parts on both the left and right sides of a vehicle), even if the corresponding part on the other side is in good shape. Experience has shown that paired parts wear out about the same time, and it is better to avoid repeating a repair by replacing parts in pairs.

The third group of stock numbers is the number needed to identify a part in the database and in the warehouse.

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